Slot machine test: attraction

If it only concerns the title, then the slot attraction bakes not just small rolls. But why not, because Net entertainment you finally know how you must assemble a good slot machines. Succeeded again with attraction, as you yourself will be able. The slot game attraction shines with modern animation and a very fancy graphics. Thematically, it enters the laboratory and since then the name of the game makes a lot of sense. For attraction is translated not alone just attraction, but also attraction. There is not only between loving people, but also between magnets. Those in the attraction are also available. But the various items that make not only the thrill of the theme from, but above all the values, which you can fill your credit account. The special feature of the game is actually a magnet that can cause that there is a new turn in the same round for you, and so even more chances to win.

The attraction slot machine is playable for you in the CherryCasino. As a customer in the Casino you can make real gains, unless of course you want to attraction play for free, because it only involves you the fun or you simply just want to take a first look.

Play Attraction online now!

Attraction to play online

So experimentally as the goods on the reels are, establishing of the slot machines in fact it isn't. Because the five reels and 10 paylines are well-known in this regard and no really special feature of the machine itself. But what has worked, and proved, it can't hurt. This also applies to attraction. More importantly, what you can do with the payline. After a spin of the reels, namely ideally win lines should be seeing, then also automatically displayed. Such a series is the merger of same icons that just adjacent.

You'll see that you do from time to time different gains. This is but less to chance, but the profit calculation, which is based on the symbol and the usage. Both together is just the round win that can consist of multiple payline WINS. Usage and value of the symbol are multiplied, so income is automatically higher, depending on the two figures are higher. You can reset the usage in each round of attraction or of course also simply leave.

Slot game symbols in the attraction online slot

Before it goes to the really hot iron, a few standard symbols come to train. However, even if it seems not so, but the 10, as well as J, Q, K, and A not too large motives, since they appear on one common and bring good profits to the other in long rows can. Nevertheless, follow with five equipment a few icons, which can cause naturally better profits. It needs at least three of the same symbols, to make a winning line. In addition the attraction slot game features two different wilds, and one only when a new rotation will be displayed. The magnet on the edge of the playing field might provide a new twist.

Slot machines instructions of attraction

Basically attraction plays out and all alone. So, you need no technical training, even though the theme of the game looks. You simply decide whether you want free spin with a few rounds here just for fun or want to play but rather real bets. If the latter is the case, then you can sign up at any time in the slot casino and play attraction in this way.

Conclusion to the attraction test

You will attraction to quickly realize that this is a somewhat newer slots. Looking at that its graphics and animations. He runs relatively smoothly and has good chances of winning, offers such a good total package, you can certainly have your fun with a few turns should not harm.

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